Sunday, July 11, 2010


Finally got my Zumba email for next Saturday. Bring two extra sets of clothing it says so you don't have to sit in cold, wet clothing. Oh and bring your credit card. You can opt to sign up with the ZIN network for $30 and $30 per month and you'll get nine songs and choreographies for free! Um, where's the free part again?

The tone of the class and Zumba in general always reminds me of EST (Erhard Seminars Training) that was so popular in the early '80s. My friend wanted me to go. All I needed was to come up with $425.00 and he was all positive and hyped up that I could do it. I was barely off welfare, raising a baby by myself, and earning a smidge above minimum wage. Idiot. I told him no way.

Not a fan of the screaming and yelling during a class. Methinks there's going to be some yelling. Liliana does not yell. Maybe one whoop, but no yelling. I have my warm-up almost memorized. The rest of the songs I use I think will be from Zumba, Inc. They have some very fun songs.


SchnauzerMom said...

Don't you just love that "free" stuff?

Liliana said...

Yep. I certainly do. Sheesh.