Thursday, July 22, 2010

The girls

Got up early to go feed the girls.  We're calling Nike and Bella "The Girls" now.  I like saying it.  Winston the Hampshire pig is very happy in his new digs.  My husband says he thinks he saw Winston do a little hippity hop happy dance when he drove up yesterday.

We fed our neighbor's dogs and cats breakfast this morning too.  Son gets paid for it and he loves their dog, Patches.

I was petting Nike on the forehead this morn while she nibbled hay.  Actually, I petted her on the forehead while she was snarfing down hay as fast as she could.  She sneezed.  I said, "Oh bless you Nike," then I look down and see a giant long green horse snot stuck on my leg.  Disgustamundo!

Bella had a big ol' dry wet spot on her right side.  She stunk.  I'm pretty darn sure she's rolled in Nike's pee.  Blech.  She's getting hose rinsed tonight.  I am not brushing pee out.  Eww.

Made an appointment with the farrier to trim their feets on Saturday.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Horse snot! Yuck!