Saturday, July 24, 2010

Found a studio

I met with a studio owner last night and we talked about Zumba.  She's very enthusiastic and she and her husband want to take the class too.  She's a nurse and a yoga teacher.  Very earthy - just a perfect specimen of people in this community.

So.  Best news of the day, I can afford it.  I was so happy!  I can use her space for $10 bucks an hour.  I can swing that.  She showed me the sound system.  Zumba instructor class stressed that a good sound system is imperative.  Well, it has fantastic sound, excellent booming bass, and gets plenty loud.

My latest plan is to do no routines in the first two demo class.  Instead I'll make them strictly how to do the steps of merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton dances so students will have an actual vocabulary to build on.  This will do away with the mystery of the unknown for some people.  Hopefully it will make it more inviting to more people because being such a small town I need as many people as possible to feel comfortable enough to try a class.  Let's see.  I'll set up one free class during the week and one free class on a Saturday.  Yes, that's what I'll do.

I get to practice in the studio today!  It's a small one but it has mirrors.

The girls saw the farrier this morning.  They both did very well and stood quietly for the most part.  I didn't get to be there to watch, but son and husband said they like this farrier very much.  He didn't even charge us for Bella's feet because she didn't need much done.  Guess he had a good sense of humor.  Farrier work is extremely physical, back breaking work, and can be dangerous as well.  Farriers can get kicked and bitten and I saw a really bad bite on a man's back on a web site once. He talked to the horses a lot and to our son.  He told our son that if he learns how to do the work and wants to be an apprentice and do it as a job he'll see about getting him into a good mental hospital.  Haha! 


SchnauzerMom said...

I hope your classes catch on really well.

busyHSmom said...

If you were in MY area, I'd sign up for your Zumba classes in a hearbeat!