Monday, July 05, 2010

Secretly sick

There was a big online photo entry contest for the state of New Mexico. I have tons of New Mexico birds, critters, sunsets, rainbows, landscape, moon, and a few aren't half bad. I looked at the site and checked the end date and figured since my computer crashed and the photos are all on the external hard drive, and I'd have to search through them, I'd do it later. It was free submission - no cost. I didn't even look for what the prize was because I assumed (what's that saying about assuming?) that free submission meant the prize was no big.

I remembered the end date was June 29th. Slight error in depending on my own memory bank which is usually depleted. I went back on June 28th. Found out the end date was June 27th. A professional photographer guy here in town won and not to be negative, but it was a photo of some plain old rocks. Seriously.

Now my cameras are both packed full of photos and I haven't got the energy in my arms to download them. Not only that. I just assumed the winner got published and that's that. No, the winner got a $10,000 cash award prize. I would have known about it if I had bothered to read further on the site. Second, third, and fourth place prizes wouldn't have hurt either. That's when the sickness set in.

Man, I'm such a stoop. I think this calls one one huge, gigantic, ginormous, monumental rationalization. I need a good one. Okay. Got it. I say he would have won no matter what because he's got a fairly well known name and likely has connections and often the judges are very subjective anyways. That's what I'll say to myself.

Pretty pathetic. And I'm not much comforted either. At least no one knows how bummed I really am. I need that flashie thingie from the movie "Men In Black" to erase this awful memory. But then, I might make the same mistake again. Okay, I'll keep the memory and be smarter next time, or a least more punctual when there's something I should attend to right away. Yes.

Starting, starting, starting. . . tomorrow!

(I had two lovely comments, and a funny one from Jules, but I clicked something wrong and they're gone. I'm sorry.)


SchnauzerMom said...

Too bad you didn't get to enter in time. Your photos are so beautiful they should have won something. Live and learn.

Jules said...

What? I'm surprised they didn't wait for your entry even if it was late. They must have known you were out there and that your photo would be fantastic and deserving of first prize. Perhaps they changed the cut off date so that little ol' Lil couldn't enter and win because we all know you would've won had you entered. I love your pics. Sorry about the mix up.