Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A triptych

I got to spend as much time as I wanted with the horses. I brushed this one for such a long time that I felt calm and comfortable by him. I started taking his picture. Lots of his picture. He didn't mind. I saw his ears perk up at the sound of the shutter release at first. His name is Tiger which does not do him justice. I don't think he seems like a Tiger. His tail is short because where he came from other horses chewed his tail. How mean. I gather it can be a problem for horses. I should have photographed his tail. On the other hand, it wasn't an especially pretty tail. On the other hand, I didn't touch up the photos at all, so it would have fit the theme of realness very well. Lastly, truth is, I was afraid to walk behind him, so I didn't think to snap his tail till now. I would like to shoot him again with my DSLR. I used my little camera today. I've seen some awesome horse body photography. I saw one once that made the horse's back look long and gorgeous like a valley and hills. I saw one once of a horse in morning fog, in profile atop a ridge, reared up on his hind legs. The photographer was in the right place at the right time and won first prize for it. Lovely, it was. Still in my mind.

Tomorrow we're off to Wyoming. Praise the Lord for Wyoming and that we can go. I will be seeing the prairie dogs!

Terrible news I got today. My online friend, a young woman in NM, got C. Diff again. She found my blog in July and emailed me. We talked back and forth. I got better, then she got better. We were glad. But 11 days after she finished the med she fell ill again. She saw the doctor today. I am so sad for her. It's like a blow to my chest. I looked on the calendar and I got well on July 8th. It seems so long ago now. Perhaps I should collect the healing verses from the Bible that helped me and send them to her. She's real down. She's real blue, but trying not to be pessimistic. It's hard. It's a hard trial having your health taken no matter what age, but especially when you're young.

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