Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here's Rushmore. It looks faraway because I used my wide lens, but last time we were here I used my other lens. A lot of my previous pics are archived in in July 2007. I have 16 photos there that I shot last time we were at Devils Tower KOA. That year I saw a badger! A badger is a highly rare sighting. Strangely, I realize I never posted a photo of Mount Rushmore on my blog. That's odd.

The presidents from left to right are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson (a redhead in real life), Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Here's the buck I've been hoping to see again. Would you believe he saw me first and ran away when he was only about 20 feet from me, but he was below a small ridge where the grass is waist high so I never saw him till he was fully running away and he was in the trees already. Doggone it! This photo I had to crop. If I can get just a leetle bit closer he will be 2010 calendar material! He's even shyer than the female does though.

My yet unfulfilled goal is the catch a photo of a horse running. These horses are grazing in the pasture next to us in the late afternoon. Took this one with my telephoto lens on the long end. I thought my 28mm to 135mm would do the better job so I ran home and changed lenses and carried my whole lens backback with me to be sure I could change quick if I needed. Well, of all the pony photos I took, the one with the first lens turned out nicest. Live and learn.

I shall now start boiling a chicken for dinner. I'm making chicken soup tonight. I looked at a lot of fancy chicken photos last night and got very hungry. Haha!

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