Saturday, August 22, 2009

He's a blur

Perfectly out of focus
Tyrannus tyrannus

Ah! Better.

I feel like I'm rich. Like that feeling when you walk out of the library with an armful of new books? Only I feel rich because my husband extended our stay here until the first of September!

Our son has the gavorka. He didn't get it from me and he didn't get it from my husband. He just has it. It's God given.

He's been helping out the campground owner here I guess. My husband went in to pay for more days and they gave us three days for free. At a KOA campground, that's a lot. I don't know how we got this child.

And the owner found out our son has a leather care business and evidently the owner's dad is a leather craftsman. He's going to give our son some tips and tricks and says he has some saddles our son can do for $28.00 each. Our boy, he's not afraid of work. It's just the way God wired him up. He's been like this since he was a tot. He used to like watching "Thomas the Tank Engine" on tv and I'd use one of their lines and tell our son to be sure to make himself useful. Hehe. He really does too. He makes himself useful.

Husband and he were at the John Deere store yesterday. He's started a new hobby - cap collecting. They gave our son a free hat and a free keychain. It's the gavorka again. Well, there was a guy there who said my husband was sure buying our son a lot of stuff. He said it in a way that my husband could tell he thought the boy was being spoiled. But my husband told him up straight up, he wasn't paying for the goods. Our son was spending his own money from what he earned from his shoe shine business. That's a fact. And the fella looked at our son a little different after that.

I didn't see a porcupine or a raccoon today. I saw a young buck though. He was too far for a calendar picture, but I could see his new, velvety antlers. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for him!

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