Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plant closure just announced

Our boy will lose his job in March. News of the plant closure is reverberating throughout the California Bay Area as I type this. Four thousand, five hundred employees work at the plant itself, and an estimated 30,000 men and women work for companies in the state that are subcontractors providing materials such as glass and tires, etcetera, etcetera.,0,4907237.story

It's not only the end of a fantastic job for our son, but the end of auto manufacturing in the state of California. NUMMI is the last of its kind in California.

Once upon a time Chrysler, Toyota, GM, and Ford all had plants in California. The high cost of doing business in California, plus having the labor union is a heavy load for any company to bear. Toyota has never closed up a plant in the history of the world. This is a first.

I will always think highly of Toyota. We drive a Ford truck, but I'd buy Toyota in a heartbeat. They've done their level best.


SchnauzerMom said...

I'm sorry to hear that your son has lost his job, bad for all those other folks too. I hope he finds another job soon.

Shelby said...

I too am sorry to hear about the job loss but at least he has time to find something new. I know my hubby has mentioned someone he works with whose mom worked in a Detroit factory and the severence package they provided her was better than finding a new job or collecting unemployment.

Liliana said...

SchnauzerMom, we know in faith that it will work out. He has one iron in the fire, but who knows? Only time will tell what God's plan for him is.

Shelby, we are grateful he has time too. The hours go up and down and he has had some weeks with no work because there were no car orders to fill. During those times, they tell the employees not to come to work! A fine severance package would be a dream, but I don't know.