Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fish fry

We're goin' to a fish fry at the ranch today. I'm making brownies to share. Mmmm, they smell so good. I cut them smaller than usual so more people will get a piece. I hate being awake all night long though. After we some home from these things I'm sleepless in Seattle. Too much brightness and straight, fast, colors in my mind. No sound. Even my usual ruminations are wiped out. Superseded. The next day is not pleasant. I'd think I'd be able to control it by now. I've tried to embrace it, ignore it, analyze it, go with it, drink it away (well, one shot of whiskey), dismiss it. Meh, same all the time since I was 16. One thing for sure, I'm not having a shot (o' whiskey) to try to sleep. I've had no alcohol for four months and I'm keeping it that way. The devil can kiss my ass. That's what Martin Luther said when he had a beer. I'm having no beer, I never liked beer anyway, and am using the same sentiment. When I say it, my husband looks at me like I said a four letter word. I'm not quite sure why not drinking is a good character trait, but I can see that it might be damaging to my witness. Not because I abuse it, but others do. I think that's it? Anyhoo, in my discipleship I sense a rightness in letting go of the alcohol. For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed. Isaiah 50: 7

I have five of eight godets done. It's pronounced go-DEBT, as in go-DET. I've been pronouncing it wrong. At least I never said it to anyone who knows how to pronounce it. That would have been embarrassing. Once I went to the store and asked for joe-joe-bah oil. And once I went to the store and asked for grahs-grain ribbon. I destroy the English language.

We did Ogden Nash poems today. Our son liked Nash's writings best of all. We finished reading some of Lewis Carroll's writing and Edward Lear (limericks) last week.

My friend has entered her pups into a contest and you can vote once a day for them. If you want to help them win will you please go to:

The Four Little Munchkins

The little munchkins really want to win! Thanks!

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