Thursday, August 27, 2009



The only way I can get comments back is to revert to an old template from TWO YEARS AGO. Eeeek. It feels a little crowded in here after having a big, wide, stretched out, pure white blog.

My followers are missing. Oh nooooo.

And when I upgrade the template, comments won't show even though comments are definitely enabled. Oh dear.


Shelby said...

Test test....
I thought you had updated your blog..I kinda like it! But I agree it is a bit crowded. There has to be some way to get it back the way you like with comments enabled...isn't there a help section?


Liliana said...

Hi Shelby!

Yes, there's a help forum and I posted this morn, but not much help yet. In fact, no help yet. I'm continuing to check in to see if hopefully, someone responds.

SchnauzerMom said...

I like the new look, but yes, it does look crowded. It's nice to be able to comment though.

Daisy said...

Yaaay! We can comment now! :) Hi ya Lil! Sending a little wave your way!

Leia said...

Yay! It worked!

About the followers, maybe the widget just disappeared? Try the add/remove gadget thing and re-add the followers.

I know others think it's crowded, but I like the template! :)

Liliana said...

Hi Daisy and Schnauzer Mom!

Leia, this template is the last one saved from before Blogger's upgrade. They didn't have widgets like Followers back then.

I can use this old template and never upgrade and have comments or upgrade and have everything except comments. Blogger's Help forum isn't very active. I've received zero replies there.

I think the problem is not in the template HTML or even the widgets themselves at all. I saw what seems to be the correct HTML for comments in the new template (the white one), but it does not work! For some reason unknown to me, in 2007 the old template never did (and still doesn't) migrate to New Blogger properly.