Thursday, August 06, 2009


I like the song "Smooth" by Santana. I'm going to buy it. I saw on YouTube, a girl belly dancing to it and she's a doll. I belly dance to non-Middle Eastern music and it's refreshing to see someone else do it. Suddenly I'm not so weird! She has a great smile and beautiful hips. I think I found two skirts I like at

We opened the front door today after watching the movie The Black Stallion, and burnt orange light flooded the trailer. Oh it was gorgeous. Earlier, we had rain and thunder and lightning so we decided to make brownies and watch a movie. We put blankets over the windows to make it dark inside. When the movie was over we opened up and it was like entering The Wizard of Oz. Whew. You don't get many days like that. Never had a single such day in all my 46 years in Southern California. In one direction, fiery orange clouds; in the other direction dark gray, in between the two, a rainbow! The heavens declare the glory of God.

For school we talked about the saying "He who commits evil permits evil." The following is from our text. Henry A. Overstreet said that this is what makes for the haunting sense of guilt in our culture. Many a member of the dominant group will earnestly aver that he never intended that Negroes should be insulted and maltreated: that his heart is sore and ashamed when he reads of the defiling of the Jewish synagogues by hoodlums. He did not intend these things, but he created the social sanction for these things.

And we discussed that the current health care reform permits federal funds to be used to abort Americans who are as yet unborn. Should we stand silent and say and do nothing, or should we be active and say and do something. If so, what.

I'm reading Ronald Reagan's autobiography. It's full of information about Ronnie! Of course!

He used the term "veiled socialism," referring to the programs FDR started, and contends that handouts destroy the human spirit. He said FDR's son told him that FDR never intended for the government programs to become permanent. He meant to help those in need during the Depression, but that once a bureaucracy is born it never goes away. Reagan is a tither. Was a tither. He gave the Lord 10% since he was a little boy. His mama taught him about faith. The other day Glenn Beck said that one of our presidents, forget which one, was talking to the Russian leader Khrushchev and our prez was boasting about capitalism. Khrushchev laughed and said that when socialism comes it creeps in slowly. Those aren't his exact words, but that's the idea. Made me think. It's helping me form my thoughts.

The brownies turned out super good! Lately, I'm hooked on the brownies.

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