Monday, August 17, 2009

Aha! Here I am.

We made it through the concrete jungle.

We passed Wyoming state line on Friday and made Devils Tower on Saturday. Devils Tower National Monument is at the tippy northeast corner of the state of Wyoming. The drive was okay. We had excellent driving weather, cool and cloudy, but some rain. Part of one day we had a head wind (bad for fuel mileage) and part of another day we had a tail wind (good for fuel mileage).

You have to go through some urban areas to get to Wyoming; for instance, Denver. Denver be pretty big.

Of note, some peeps may have heard of Mile High Stadium in downtown Denver. We drove by it.

Went through Denver at 1:00pm and that's a good time. Never drive through at rush hour. We did it once and we were sorry. It might not have been Denver, but some big city, we didn't time it right. We always check our big city drive through time now. You'll only do that once. We were lucky here in that the traffic was almost at a standstill going in the other direction. You can see the cars are close and not moving much. Glad we didn't need to take the off ramp here either. The traffic is at a dead stop on the overpass.

Now here's north of Denver, and this is what I'm talkin' about, baby. This is where I've been yearnin' to be.

We went through the town of Douglas which is hosting the state fair. Would have loved to stop, but wouldn't you know it. We have reservations at Devils Tower. They have the town all decorated up and the place was sparkling clean.

Wal-Mart in my town is plain, but Wal-Mart in Gillette, Wyoming, has buffalos on the front of it. Pretty spiff, huh?

We have to fuel up again. I'm fast. I can run to the trailer and make lunch for three in the time it takes my husband to fuel up the truck. What caught my eye is the Taco John's across the street. Couple three years ago we went to a Taco John's. I ordered a taco or something and can you believe it. It came with tater tots. Tater Tots! My mom used to feed us tater tots when I was twelve years old. They're in the freezer section of the supermarket. Tater Tots definitely ain't Mexican. We never went to Taco John's again, but I threw such a fit about the food that every time we see one my husband asks me if I want to stop there. He does it just to annoy me.

We saw very big coal plant that was generating electricity. Imagine a person standing next to it and you might get an idea how massive this thing is.

We're at Devils Tower now and walked around the base of it and we went to the Visitor's Center. Our son bought me a cool bookmark there. I love it. Today I'm making chicken soup and I'm getting my sewing machine out right after I post this. I took photos yesterday. I got a fawn running and rock climbers climbing the tower and prairie dogs in the prairie dog town. The weather is mild and cool. Two years ago it was boiling hot in the 100s every single day. We overheard people in Wal-Mart talking about miserable hot it was only a few days ago. This weather is wonderful, may be unusual for this time of year but I'm not sure, and I wonder it it'll heat up again. I think I'm in heaven! Wyoming is as gorgeous as it was when we were here last time in 2007.

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