Monday, August 24, 2009

Peeking doe

A doe peeping at me.

I reread yesterday's post. I don't think I write about our son as well as my mom talks about him. I like to hear her when she talks about him. And once, our son said to me that he likes to hear Granny talk, especially when it's about him. It struck me, because as a child I remember liking to hear my mom talk, chat with family, and I always liked when her conversation turned to me and she talked about me too. Seeing, or hearing of myself, through my mom's eyes, was different. I was me, but kind of better. More interesting. I have to think about this some more.


Bees are very fast. I needed my shutter to close half a second sooner. Someday I would like a macro lens. A macro lens is for up close small things. It magnifies. I'd like to do flowers - dramatic sort of flowers. Someday. I don't know if it actually magnifies, but the photos sure look detailed. I like seeing water droplets on flower petals. And I like close ups of stamens.

Tomorrow we're driving to see Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, and Roosevelt. Where are we going? It's two hours from here. Guess!

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