Monday, August 31, 2009

Will anyone vote for me?

I put a photo in the San Diego newspaper photo contest. There are submissions better than mine, but mine has a bird sticking out his tongue and that's pretty good. Anyhoo. I would sure like to get bumped up to page one of the animals category just so at least I'm on page one. Will any of my readers vote?

Being honest, you'll have to register and I know it's a pain because you want to just point and click and be done. But they have to have some way to ensure one person doesn't vote 80 times - one person, one vote. If I beg, would it help?

The link to my bird and the place to vote is:

I'm in the Animals/Pet category and you can see #1 is a puppy and a lady's manicure. She has 220 votes. Yikes. Go figure. But People's Choice Award is only one of the awards offered. In mid-September actual judges will judge the photos and there will be more than one prize. The topic is Southern California Faces and Places.

Thaaanks to anybody who votes. I've never put a photo in a contest before. I feel kinda sheephish asking for votes. Please vote! I'm sure I can collect about five votes from my blog readers. I feel it in my boooones!


Leia said...

Lil, I've been trying to vote for you since you e-mailed me about it yesterday but haven't been able to. Is it open to US Residents only? For some reason, my ISP isn't letting me load the page. I hope you get some votes! <3

Liliana said...

Oh dear. And I was so hoping for some votes from far away. I don't know why you can't access the page, but thanks so much for trying. I have 25 votes. I am happy because at least I'm on page one of the 770 photos in my category. I just moved in front of a little puppy under the blankets. I smoked him. lol! I won't know till the end of September if my pic gets noticed by the judges. It was fun today to see the votes go up! Thanks for trying, Leia. :)