Friday, August 21, 2009

Another week!

We get to stay an extra week! Oh boy! We intended to leave on the 26th, but we get to stay longer. We didn't realize that Labor Day is September 7th. Seems kind of late, but it is the first Monday of the month. We don't want to get back to New Mexico before Labor Day or we'll have to work. Don't tell our ranger we said that. Haha! It's just that today was over 100 degrees down there and we don't wanna work outside in that hot weather. We usually direct traffic because the lines get so long.

On to photos. Partly, I have trouble selecting a photo so I don't post one, but I went through a couple sets and just made a pick. My hope is that I may see a porcupine or a raccoon this year. They come out at dusk and the light is not the best at that time. Last time we were here I saw one of each, but my porcupine pic looked scary instead of cute and my raccoon was too far away. I didn't have my telephoto lens back then.

Do the eyes ever get tired of looking at a fawn? I don't think so. This one walked quite close to me as I knelt down watching him. He's in the yard of a restaurant. They come in the evening to graze on the green grass.

His mama wasn't too sure about him walking in my direction. She stayed by the back fence.

I have eight billion photos of prairie dogs. I love 'em so much. They can be kinda gross. They can be carnivorous you know. The nursing mothers will cannibalize other babies. That'll give you nightmares. But mostly they eat grass and blossoms and such. These two are "kissing." It's a greeting that they use with one another. I saw two fights today but didn't catch them in time. I got one jump/yip but he was turned sideways from me. I was at the prairie dog town two hours today trying to catch a jump/yip. I turn to the right and one to my left will do it. I turn to the left and one on my right will do it. Or, I can't find him through my viewfinder so I lift my head for a moment to check where he is, and that's when he jump/yips. Lil' rascals. We're too late in the year to see babies. They're all grown already. And fat. My goodness they're little fatties.

They're kind of nuzzling each other. They're very social little creatures.

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