Saturday, August 18, 2007

Without success

I've been beading all day, without success. I can't even do a daisy chain.

I did do one and a half hours of belly dance warm-ups and what they call fat burning with the twins, Neena and Veena. I feel good about that. Had to turn off my vid before I got to the end though because I plumb run out of gas.

Washed my hair. I can tell the air is dry in New Mexico. I think I like my old Giovanni better than my new shampoo.

Am going to church tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing my favorite pastor. I've never talked to him. I should have last year but never did. I was going to tell him last year about how one of his sermons resulted in increased prayer time in my family, in our son especially, but the day I was going to do it I knew I'd get all choked up and look like a blithering idiot. So I didn't do it. Opportunity lost.

I might, may, wear my hair down tomorrow.

I found a super duper well written article that addresses some of the common misunderstandings people have about Christianity. It's called Bill Maher's Absurd Take on Religion at Fox News. Here is an excerpt:
If Christianity really taught that the man in the jungle who has never heard the name of Jesus is going to be damned forever to hell, I, too, would doubt. But Mr. Maher, Christianity doesn’t teach that. We are responsible to God in as much as God reveals himself to us. Christianity teaches that the saving grace of Jesus Christ is bigger than our date or place of birth. Christians believe God gives all of his children, in ways often unknowable to our little brains, the opportunity to accept or reject his love.
I have struggled to answer this very question and I said what he said, but not so well!