Sunday, August 12, 2007

Went to church

The best thing about it was my husband said let's go. He told me to find a church and he'd take us there. I found one and we went. Usually he's not keen on the churchgoing. I don't know what got in him but I'm not complaining!

We made a test run last night and ended up in a bad neighborhood downtown though. I told him forget it. I don't want to go at all if this is where it's at. We saw no fewer than four police cars during the time we were looking for the address. I said "That's it! Git me outta here!"

He rechecked the map and said we went the wrong way off the freeway. We went again this morning, the right way this time, and found it. It's a small, new Calvary Chapel, maybe 25 people or so. Son had a good time with the kids group.

Then we came home and ate lunch. I had a salad. Yay me. And a Hostess cupcake for dessert. Then we changed sites because one with full hook-ups came available. That's nice! It's a different one than the one they said we'd be in because the man in the other site came down sick and said he couldn't drive. I think he's married and not alone but I'm not sure. Then we emptied our black tank. That can be a stinky job in hot weather but ya gotta do it. I'm glad it's done.

OH! We went to the natural foods store yesterday. There's a great one here in Pueblo, Colorado, and I stocked up on avocado oil (for skin and hair) and I got some Nature's Gate shampoo and condish. I don't like shopping for shampoos but I picked this one out because it has a nice fragrance. We'll see if I still like it after it's on my hair. It's the Mandarin Orange and Patchouli one.

Then I wanted to buy some Clairol Shimmer Lights to brighten grey hair. I use Mrs. Stewart's Bluing because it's nontoxic and gentle but truth is, it's a pain because I have to save a plastic jug to mix it it and I have to lug the jug to the showers. It's not an issue if you have a house to store things you don't use often. Then I have to carry my stuff plus the jug to the showers and sometimes the showers are a little far. I tried Clairol Shimmer Lights a long time ago and it was harsh as I recall. I can't remember why I thought it was harsh, but since I've purchased it a second time I guess it'll come back to me. The Clairol company can rejoice because I tossed their product once and yet, here I am buying it again. Fickle woman that I am.

Gotta keep the grey lookin' as nice as possible.