Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everyday hair

Pics to share with my long hair hobby grrrlfriends. Hope it doesn't make anybody seasick. It's a bit off-kilter. I made thirty-nine inches. Whew. Go, me! Didn't think I was going to make it. I keep expecting a no growth month. I'm due one anytime because last year I had a no growth month in August.

I know. It's not a neato pic or anything but I did say it was everyday hair. Son took this one of me. I'm fond of his POV. I'm wearing my pajama top which is why it's PiNk! I wanted a light colored top and searched all my cubbies which took all of two minutes because I have three little cubbies, and all I own are dark tops. I do own a pink sweatshirt now, but it's too hot to wear it yet.

Who ever enlarges this pic and sees the dust, they have to come to my trailie and dust. View the details at your own risk!

And I have one more. In my hand is my dad's rosary given to him by his dad. My grandad was a serious Catholic. All six kids are Catholic but for some reason with my dad it didn't take. My dad, he's never prayed on the rosary once. He showed it to my sister and me, and I asked if I could have it. He said sure. So I pray on it sometimes. During Lent I go the extra mile and pray the Mysteries on it - Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, Luminous. It's an excellent way to remember and recall the life of Jesus. I have a booklet to do it. Ya gotta have the booklet. Can't remember all those events without it. Wish all my hair had slid off the sofa, but oh well.