Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We made it

We're in New Mexico. And it feels like home. We are so ready to start volunteering and hunker down for winter. It's a little too soon though. If we start to work now the park is very busy and it's a lot of...work.

We're in Santa Fe but will only hang out for two days or so. My husband is antsy. I don't know exactly where we'll go next. I do want to see White Sands National Monument before we settle.

Tonight we are all three tired. This morning it took Discount Tire 90 minutes to put on our tires. We sure like them there but they flubbed up twice. First by not having the right size tires for us ordered Friday, then today they had one wheel different than the others. Can't believe it, huh? Neither could we. Neither could they. We figured we'll use the wrong wheel as a spare and we'll go to a nearby Discount Tire and they'll fix us up there. That way we could get on the road and not boil one more day in a treeless campground in Pueblo. So after the tire installation we were on the road till 5:00pm.

The tires are better than our old ones! The back of the trailie sits a little higher now so that means we can avoid scraping high curbs when we go in and out of parking lots. And the trailer is riding more smoothly. That's a bit o' all right. Should be all right because it cost $1100 bucks. Killer, but it had to be done. At least now we should not get any more blowouts. There's no hyphen in blowout you know. I thought there was but there isn't.

Tomorrow I might go shopping for just a couple shirts. I want a couple new tops for church that go with jeans. I can't remember if I liked the mall here or not. I think that maybe all their stuff was too expensive and too foofy. Santa Fe foofy. I like plain and down to earth Santa Fe style. I'm an adobe type person, not the Santa Fe nouveau gem quality adobe type person. There are both kinds here.

My shampoo smell is still in my hair. Don't like it. And I put on extra avocado oil because it's as if my last shampoo with Shimmer Lights desiccated every strand of hair. What's up with that. I don't think that's good. It came out soft but it was strangely soft. All dried up I guess. Definitely will keep the frequency of use down in the low numbers. Son dusted my ends for me and I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

I have another New Liliana thing coming up. I hate to think what I'd find if I searched my blog for how many times I started up the New Liliana. For example, when we left New Mexico last April my husband asked me, "What are you going to do in San Diego? What are your plans?" So. I told him. I told him I planned to start jogging daily, I was going to sew a dress, and I was going to make my quilt, I was going to bead, and I was going to visit all my family, and I was going to take pictures of the animals at the lake, and I was going to wake up early every day to do it. I was pretty pleased with my plans because I'd given them quite a bit of forethought.

And my husband said, "Oh? And what are you going to do on the second day?" Hahaha! He is so bad.He knows me too well! Off with his head, I say! Not really. I need him like air. I ended up having the most stressful April in many years and it took me three months to get over myself. Wedding. I ended up getting sick.

Okay, but now, talking about the real New Liliana - I have to be a really good person because I have built a small reputation in the place where we winter. Remember? My "TV is evil" comment on New Year's? I didn't do it on purpose; it just happened. Now I'm famous for it all over town. Lord, help my pitiful soul. Now I'm going to have people watching me. I can't avoid it, I can't get around it. It's like, written in stone. Sheesh.

Since we left California in 2005 I have pretty much hibernated for winter. I liked it that way. I wanted nothing else but to be left alone. It was a luxury to be alone. The aloneness was just right - not too solitary, yet completely free and unfettered from commitment outside of my family. I built it that way. I created it that way. I craved it every day. But I think it's time for me to do something else. It's time for a change. I need to make an effort to reach out. I mean, other than in my family and besides homeschooling. For this season in my life my ministry is my family.