Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A few more hours

Spent the night in Casper, Wyoming. Day two, last day, of this leg of driving.

We saw a spectacular rainbow, a big one, not far from our campground. Casper makes big rainbows! It almost looked close enough to walk into. And we drove by a giant open pit coal mine on our way here in the morning. It was the blackest I'd ever seen. And we saw lots of antelope. We don't remember seeing so much antelope here in 2005. There are no antelope at Devils Tower. This morning some old geezers were talking outside our trailer at about 5:30am. Woke all of us up. Man, old people sure wake up early. No offense to old people!

It's cooler than I expected. That's good. I was afraid it'd be really hot looking for horses. I wonder if we'll get to do it today.