Friday, August 24, 2007

Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith

I want to devour the article at Time Magazine entitled Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith. I want to absorb it into my very cells and understand all of it. I want it tattooed on my body. Oh wait. I'm not doing any more tattoos.

A few years ago in a Bible study during a discussion I mentioned that even Mother Teresa fought within herself, in her soul and her consciousness, with her own faith and her feelings. It was a dead end as far as discussion, but I wonder if the pastor would remember that day now! A book is coming out September 4 - Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light. I want it.

I did a study on it today with our son. Brief, basic, an introduction for a ten year old.
  1. She was born as 'Agnes' in 1910 in Macedonia. Five kids born, two died. Father died when she was only eight. Perhaps poisoned by political foes.
  2. At age 18 she went to school in Dublin, Ireland, to learn English. Never saw her mom again.
  3. She taught history and geography, happily, for about 15 years.
  4. On a retreat, Christ spoke to her.
  5. She began the Missionaries of Charity to help the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India.
On another note. I've watched Annie Lennox' new video, "Dark Road", from her upcoming album called Mass Destruction. The video is here at Amazon.

She's Buddhist, or sort of a Buddhist. I wager she's quite familiar with the Scriptures. I see Christian references in her video. I was never crazy about the Eurythmics because I was metal, but some of their tunes were catchy. Who can forget "Sweet Dreams are Made of These." I never did go for the androgyny, but that's her thing. It works for her. If I could look so good with one inch hair I'd go for it! But anyway, my point was going to be, it's an awesome video. Great to see a mature woman not trying to look 24 and still rocking some badmojambo, serious lyrics. It's going to resonate with a lot of people. I'd like to listen to more popular music than I do, but anymore with the lyrics...I have to be so careful what I listen to. Garbage in, garbage out, or better yet Philippians 4:8.

Hey, it's Friday. In Kara's inimitable way lemme say, "Have a super-d-duper week-end!"