Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A day

Tonight we sat outside and watched the sun set in magenta, orange, yellow, warm grey and blue. There was lightning in the distance and I could smell the rain. Mmmm, the smell of rain. We only got a few drops here but I stood outside and let them fall on me.

I'm signing son up for a science lab class. It's only one hour a week. I'm hoping something may work out so that he can go in for art also. I'd hoped for a few more hours a week, but even one or two will be enough to make connections, friends, widen our circle here. He loves hands-on experiments and those are hard for me to do in the trailer. I don't have the storage space for odds and ends and I don't have unlimited shopping in this region either. I do miss having a homeschool room. I don't want a house yet though.

My husband might get us a couple cots. We want to sleep outside. I wish I could sleep outside tonight. The wind, my lullaby. I know that's not a complete sentence but that's what I want to say and that's the way I'm going to write it. I bought two cots at the beginning of our travels but they were quite large and didn't store well. They had big, thick pads like lounge chairs. Duh, I wasn't thinking very space economically. I want army cots this time.

Huge news. Wore my hair down all day till dinner. I put it up to make dinner. We had steak and baked taters and corn. Yum! I still feel full. I rather liked wearing it down. I think it gave me a dose of some sort of strange confidence. Hmmph. And I realized today...I...routinely put too much oil on my ends. I often don't like how piecey my ends are. I like fluffy ends. But fluffy is a by product of dry hair (for my own hair, that is, I think), so I'm compelled to oil my fluffy ends and they're no longer fluffed. Well, I've been stuck in this loop, this cycle, this syndrome, not even realizing I'm in it. This morning I did something new. I oiled from below my ears and stopped about six inches from the bottom so my ends kept their fluff! What an epiphany! It took a lot of self control.

Veronica has blogged her hair today. She was doing it with flying colors until I read her Part 2. She said:
And one of the most important factors in maintaining healthy hair is trimming it every 6- 8 weeks.
She goes on to say:
That doesn’t mean chopping off your long locks that you worked so hard to grow, it just means cutting off the very ends that are all broken. Go on, take a look at the tips of your hair. If you see that a lot of the strands are split, broken or thinned out at the ends, it is time for a trim!
I think she may have a good point there because some women do dust every month, but she's got wide readership consisting of pre-teen and new teen chickadees and this info is just not detailed enough. It can be easily misconstrued.  More accurately, it should be said that some women with pretty hair trim rarely; a few not at all.

I told my husband Veronica looks pretty darn good for being around for 66 years and he said, "Oh yeah. She works out. Keeps herself in shape." Gimme a break!

I noodled around MySp*ce last night. Yeah, I said I'd never go there in case anyone wants to remind me of what I said before. But I don't go back to that one page. It was ugly. Anywho, I got the bright idea to just check on a few people I know. Just for the ducks of it you know. Late night time on my hands. I found no fewer than five people, all family members. Get out of town! One page was basically empty though and one was set to private, thank you very much. (I think that's a good step when you're naming your whole family and town you live in, replete with photos!)

MySp*cers tend not to be dedicated bloggers though. It's for social networking primarily which is surely not my cup of tea, besides many of the pages being eyesores. One of the five did have some interesting blog entries and I now know more than I knew before and I have a window of understanding into her being that I did not have before. I won't rat them out though. I could, but I won't. They all used their true surnames and exact city they live in! I couldn't believe it.