Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another tire blow-out

My husband was livid. We've had yet another blow-out on a city freeway yesterday. He's been talking to other 5th wheel owners and has learned other people have experienced blow-outs just like us. The manufacturers don't put tires on them rated strong enough and there should be a law against that! We know of a man who said he's going to take the tire company to court in a class action suit. Well, we're not too much for going to court about things but we'll probably write a letter of complaint to Carlisle and include photos. The trailer skirt was already wiped out from the blow-out outside Cleveland so it's just bent a little bit more now. Looks like it's been in a crash. Sheesh.

We're stuck here in southern Colorado till Tuesday. We planned on being in Santa Fe today. Bummer. They're getting our tires in on Monday afternoon and we'll be there soon as they open Tuesday morn. We were there this morning you know. The tires they ordered yesterday were too big. No only that, they lost our paperwork and left us waiting in the hot sun over an hour. They just ignored the giant trailer and truck in the parking lot so my husband went inside to see when they were going to work on us. Who were we they wanted to know. Sheesh. Serenity Now.

Instead of one, we're buying all four, plus spare, brand new tires for the trailer with a higher rating. Husband says we shouldn't get any more blow-outs. He found out about other 5th wheels with the blow-out trouble by visiting an online forum. These new ones are a little wider and I don't know if that's going to be okay in the wheel well. They should have built the wheel wells larger so bigger wheels like a truck can fit. Next time you see a 5th wheel check out the little tires on it. I'm not talking about RVs (motorhomes). RVs have great tires, but 5th wheels have smaller ones. Too small.

My husband le me pick out the wheels. I picked out four shiny ones. Tires are the rubber part and wheels (technically speaking) are the metal part. I like pretty wheels. Praise to the Lord, we can afford new tires and wheels too and that we found a site to stay in. There's a Jehovah Witness convention in town ya know. The campgrounds are all booked up! We got one laaaast site and it only has water and electric.