Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hiking up Pilot Butte, Wyoming

Turns out yesterday was our big day for wildlife. Midday is a bad time to go looking for horses etc., so we didn't see much today. I shoulda known better than to go in the middle of the day. Anyways, we went on a hike instead.

Husband asked if I wanted to go to the top of Pilot Butte. I said fer sure. As my favorite pastor says, let's git er done! So we got in the truck, put her four wheel drive and took a side road.

Shazzam! We made it to the top!

I took photos with a braided bun. It's verrry windy at the top. Yesterday I wore a pony tail and it didn't work out very well. Scrunchie kept falling out, hair was in tangles. Windy and dusty.

Looking out into His creation.

The thing is, once you go up you have to come down! My husband is standing there giving tips to our ten year old like always keep three points in contact with the ladder. I went down last. I did not look down, only at the ladder and my husband kept talking to me! I got to the bottom and said, "Aw, I made it. Easy. See, I wasn't scared!" He said, "Sure, I know. You did real good." And he kissed me and hugged me. I think he heard me doing my scary breathing. My breath was shaking from a wee bit o' the fear. Haha! Shoot, he knows me too well. I'm glad I went. Son had no problem at all going up or coming down. He's really growing up.

We only saw horses today and no interaction. Boo hoo. No antelope, or grouse. Was hoping for a coyote maybe. Here is a colt sort of almost galloping.

This was a good sighting though. Just like in the old West. People come for the horses, but I'm surprised none of the reviews I've read even mention the scenery.

We are all going to sleep well tonight. I'm the only one still up. Blogging. It was a memorable day. My face hurts though! I think I got a windburn. It can't be sunburn because I put on sunscreen.

Tomorrow is a driving day. No plans for where we're going other than New Mexico...for the winter.

See Day 1 wildlife photos here.