Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Upcoming lessons

Last night we were watching the wildlife and I commented on the lack of baby jackrabbits. We've seen lots of baby cottontails and lots of baby quail, two young roadrunners, but no small jacks. My husband said he thought he saw one that looked pregnant and I said, no, I don't think so, and then we argued a bit about how late is too late in the season to have babies in the wild.

Son was listening in and he pipes up with, "Mammaaaa, there aren't any jackrabbits because they haven't been launched yet." We laughed! Then tonight I mentioned how we've seen a single gnarly old squirrel but no cute baby squirrels, and my son informed me that they didn't hatch any this year! This time I took a double take, gave him my stern mom look and said, "Now you know mammals don't hatch out of eggs." Anywho, I think we'll do some brush up on the reproduction of birds and mammals this week and perhaps, rocket ships as well.