Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can't sleep

I'm going to be so sorry tomorrow!

I was drifting off and a church song I like floated through my head. I got up to blog it and it flew right out of my mind. I can't remember a single line of it now.

Maybe I'll go lie down again, but I hope that little squeaky noise is gone. I think it was the awning making a little squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak sound. It was really bugging me.

I was thinking about Sharon Coffey. Sharon had very straight dirty dishwater blond hair cut in a deep, deep U shape. I liked her hair. She was funny and we laughed together. She was thin. We always wore dresses back then and I can see her skinny legs with brown knobby knees as if it were yesterday! I see her in a cotton dress with a sweater over it.

One day she stopped coming to school. I asked my teacher, "Where's Sharon today?" and she acted kind of strange. She never did answer me. I wish I had asked my mom to find out for me but a lot happens at school that you never talk over with your parents.

Looking back, I remember she had dark circles under her eyes. I noticed but never said anything about it. I think about that now. I wonder why a little girl would have dark circles under her eyes. Did she move without telling me? Did she get sick? Did she die? But if she moved I think my teacher would have said so and she never did say Sharon had moved. I was bewildered by her absence.

I finally stopped asking my teacher where she was and I never did find out what happened to her. She was the closest to a best friend I had if I could have had a best friend. I don't remember any other kids from my third grade class that year, except for Sharon. I missed her and I wondered what happened to her for a long time.