Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pondering Project 365

I vaguely knew about this Project 365 but I finally checked into it a couple days ago. I'm considering it. What you do is take a photograph a day for one year, 365 days. Generally you start on January 1st but I'm not a stickler about start dates. And I see some people do just a photo of anything in their day (I like that) and some people do their face every day (I'm interested in the potential of that). It's supposed to stretch you as a photographer if that's what you seek. Or it can be just plain fun, a way to document your year. It's what you make of it, aye? I can see how it could turn into work too.

I think. I think I will do a combination of the two. Why not do my mug on days I want and then do other stuff on other days. Do both. I don't see why not. I'm fascinated by the way the camera records people. I don't do people pictures because I cannot stand fake smiles. I cannot stand to make people uncomfortable and some people are fully intimidated when they think they might be photographed. It's painful to see. It's like a horrible slow dance. ...I know I want a picture, I see the person and the moment, but as soon as the camera is in view the moment goes up in smoke and I see a posing statue of a person before me. A shell of the thing I wanted to photograph. I have no desire to invade other people's space. But I would like to experiment with a human face. Faces can be engaging. I could experiment with mine. The camera is terrible and wonderful the way it can make the plain look beautiful and the beautiful look ugly. Perhaps I will experiment with my own face. I've had pictures of me that look absolutely nothing like me and pretty ones and ugly ones. Could be interesting.

I took a picture today but I don't have a Flicker album set up yet. I'm not sure if my picture turned out either as I haven't downloaded it yet. I was sitting in the truck. The men had gone into McDonald's to get breakfast for us and I was sitting alone waiting. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a cross. I said, what the coconut? I got my camera out and took a picture. Then, I was so curious to see what was causing the image. I walked around and saw it was part of the McDonald's sign! Just a portion of the 50 foot sign was in my mirror. It blew me away. I started my morning out prayerfully and it's ending prayerfully. And the Lord reminded me to be prayerful. Aha! Might sound ridiculous but if God is everywhere then He must be at the McDonald's parking lot too, yes? He is, He is!

So if my picture turns out it may be the apropos beginning for...Lil's Project 365.

Tonight I made a couple new siggys. Mine is from 2006 and a new one wouldn't hurt. The blue one is a pretend bookmark. I like the design but the pose is a little too cheesecake. Cheesecake is for my husband. I like doing cheesecake as you may have guessed. The orange sig. Meh. Looks like I might lay an egg so I'm not crazy for that pose either. I just do as many poses as I can because I don't know when I can drag my husband out for more pics and you never know which pose will turn out to be just the one.

We're in Colorado tonight. Tomorrow is another driving day. We had to stop a little early today or drive through Denver during rush hour.