Friday, August 03, 2007

Time goes by

We have to leave in only three days. I don't wanna go! I like it here so much.

Clouds are rolling in. I think we're going to have some weather. Rain maybe.

But we're going to see wild horses next. I hope. I've got a location and directions for my husband to take me to a place where they say there are wild horses. I talked with a girl at my photography class and she saw wild horses. She's the yearbook photographer at her school (she's in high school) and on her trip she got a photo that she's enlarging as a gift to her grandfather. I thought that was nice thing to do. If I'm lucky I will go there and see wild mustangs with mine own eyes.

Son aced his spelling test. Yay! And in history his lessons are on the topic of the U.S. Constitution and the three branches of government. I never got this kind of material in fourth grade. This is meat, not pablum! It's his favorite subject now. I'm enjoying it too. I wish when I was in school that history was presented in an interesting fashion the way K12, our curriculum, does. I also got the bright idea of having him look up the Capitol building, the White House, and the Supreme Court on Google Earth since he likes Google Earth. I learned about the Constitution in eighth grade and I was so intimidated by the test that I cheated (a whole group of girls were cheating and they passed around the answer sheet at P.E. in the locker room) - and then I barely scored a C because I felt guilty about cheating! Such is life for the person with a hyper conscience. I'm a terrible cheater. I mean, I cheat terribly. I mean, I don't cheat very well. It's the only time I cheated on a test.

It's beginning to thunder outside. Awesome.  The heavens declare the glory of God, says David.