Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bye bye Gameboy

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We release you from our home and expel you back into the universe.

This is the Christmas gift our son received. The giver was a person who knew well how we feel about little kids wasting time in front of video games. Our son is older now though, nine years old, and I decided not to return the gift, but let him keep it and see how it went. I even smiled gently as he admired the gift. Almost cracked my face. As I see it, by this age my work is done in that arena. Either he's got interests bigger than a handheld video game or he hasn't.

Truth is, I was very distressed by the gift. It upset me enough to email a good friend and cry about it in type. I was surprised when he opened it because even he had told the giver how he felt about video games! He asked me why she gave it to him and I said I didn't know, but that she must have thought he would like it. I suppose she didn't believe him? Answer unknown.

Hallelujah, last week he told me he wanted to sell it. So sell it we did at Vegsource. Bye bye Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP in pearl blue. Sayonara and good riddance!

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