Saturday, June 17, 2006

Iceland poppies and a mole on my lip

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Found these across the street. It was windy so it wasn't the best day to get a picture.

I went to the dermatologist. You know, those 'barnacles of life' were catching up with me. Had to do something about it! Actually I made an appointment because I have this little mole on my upper lip, right on the lip line on the far left. I've had it most of my life. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

People are generally against moles. Well, my dad for instance. He's a good example of someone who is against all bodily imperfections, and he's definitely against moles. He told me once that it looks like third stage of cancer and he laughed heartily. Maybe I felt bad, maybe I didn't. But then there are people like my husband who has always liked it. Our son too, he said, "Mamma, don't get it taken off because it's you and I don't want you to take it off." In a nutshell, this is what you call unconditional love. It's a good buffer. It pops out all the kinks and dents of life, big and small, and makes you like new again. You're lucky if you have one person who gives you unconditional love. If you have only one, you're set because one is all you need. I count myself extra lucky though. I have two! If you take stock of your life and you see you have more than one, or more than two, well then, you are extra, extra lucky. Let's say richly blessed.

Anyway, I had the doc look at my mole because in New Mexico it had gotten kind of red and irritated one week and I never knew why. It was on my mind and I was a little concerned. Better safe than sorry they say.

Well the doc said, no problem, it's perfectly fine and no need to worry about cancer on this one. And then since I was already sitting in the doctor's office, I had some of those awful brown spots taken off of my arms. He used liquid nitrogen and froze them off! Actually right now they look worse because it blisters, then the skin sloughs off, then you're all healed in 7 to 14 days. It cost me $75.00 for the first spot and $10.00 for each additional. Insurance doesn't cover it you know. It's cosmetic. I also had this darn bump on my cheek. It was small, but I always noticed it and it seemed big to me every time I looked in the mirror. My husband said he never saw it. My sister said she didn't see it. What do they know.

It was a clogged hair follicle, ugh, properly called a sebaceous cyst, double ugh, and the doctor took it out. He had to cut it out. It was 7 or 8 mm. Small? That's not small in my book! I go back to get two stitches out in a few days. I'm glad I got it done. They don't cause a problem. They don't hurt and they can go away by themselves sometimes, but I had it for a year. I am glad it's gone because it didn't belong on my face, and that's that.

Take that on the chin, Life! Pow!

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