Thursday, June 15, 2006

Standing outside R&T

She's a cool cucumber in Spokane, WA Posted by Picasa

Anybody who's beading knows about Rings And Things, one of the popular online companies that sells beads and findings. Their web site is horrid to navigate, but their merchandise is good. I bought some 4mm garnet nuggets and rectangles, and 4mm amethyst (A grade quality, woohoo), and teardrop fluorite beads. The store is full of everything in beads you could want. They gave me a free catalog and I'm like an 11 year old girl with the Sears Roebuck catalog with this thing. I can pore over it and dream for hours!

It rained. It rains and mists here a lot. I like it though I think the grey might make a person a mite crazy after awhile. But there are a lot of people living up here so I guess it's doable. Spokane's downtown was quite nice. It's a city with a small town feel.

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