Sunday, June 25, 2006

Crazy long hairs

What's with the crazy hairs? The other day I asked my son to check my hemline and tell me if he thought it looked nice or not and he said he saw some hair that needed trimming. I said, "Great, get the scissors!" He trimmed about ten hairs. Some were about an inch longer than the rest of my hair and one was fully two whole inches longer. If only all my hair grew like that. I wish! He said he recognized that one super long one and said it always grows like that.

I've been content with my hair. I remember last year I wished and looked forward to the time when the length would be past the curve of my back. You know that curve? Well, it's totally past the curve now. Happy, happy! Now I'm looking at my bum and that curve is going to take more than a year to get by. Maybe a year and a half is my educated guess.

Something went awry with my measuring last month. It does appear as if I was not at 34.5 when I thought I was. I think I had slow growth and a boo-boo in the measuring but I don't want to make my dear official measurer feel bad. Hopefully I'll be 34.5 on July 1st so I don't have to make my measurement record go backward! Backward measuring is like the military command, "Advance to the rear." Pfft. That's no good.

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