Monday, June 26, 2006

Ford washed

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I am really having to search for photo ops here. I kinda already took a bunch of pics of Idaho greenery and how much greenery can a person take? It's pretty here, but I took a picture of our truck instead. Husband bought a buffer yesterday so it makes waxing ever so much easier. He's cleaning and waxing the trailer too, a little at a time. It's a big job. We could have hired someone to do it for us but the guy wanted $600.00. I know it would have been gorgeous when he was done, as gorgeous as a 1999 trailie can be that is, but we decided to keep the cash and do it ourselves, little by little. We should be done with it by this time next year. Heh.

One of my favorite, favorite feelings, tactilely speaking, is the feeling of running a cloth over a smooth wax job on a b*tchen paint job on a beautiful car. You wash it, you vacuum it, Windex the windows and check 'em in the sun from every angle, use Q-tips for the nooks and crannies, Armour All on your tires to make them shiny black, clean the wheels, get the spots up out of the mats, polish your chrome with chrome polish, and my oh my, what a beautiful day. I love a paint job that looks like you can swim in it. We don't get to wash the truck like we used to at home so we rarely get that awesome feeling of accomplishment anymore. But we wash it up fairly.

Have you ever noticed that people who drive those giant RVs - that their rigs are always clean and even shiny? Yeah, what's up with that? You'd think someone would drive around in one all beat up and filthy with mud three feet high, but no. It's never happened to me. I always see 'em clean, maybe with a layer of dust, but that's it. So I thought it over and I figure peeps with that much money are used to nice stuff and are used to it being clean too. We've seen them cleaning the sides in the RV parks even when it's not allowed. They sneak a wash in if they can but they usually get busted too. I was glad just to get the billions of trillions of bugs off the front of our fiver this week. Those bug guts are stuck on like super glue. Ewwwwww.

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busyHSmom said...

Ooooooo! Purdy and shiny! I am sitting here, looking out my window at my sad neglected Toyota station wagon and feeling real guilty!

Hmmmm...I do have teenage boys I could put to work (as soon as it stops raining!)