Monday, June 12, 2006

Memory wire bracelet

8 loops Posted by Picasa

Mermayd and I have both been itching to try Memory Wire. You have to use Memory Wire cutters to cut the wire or you'll ruin your side cutters. You can see I looped the end of the wire to hold the beads on. A lot of people add a dangle to the loop too. Another way you can keep the beads on is to use half drilled metal beads or cone ends and E6000 glue. Don't use Hypo Cement because it doesn't bond metal to metal. Anyway, glue just sounds like asking for a bead accident and I dont think I'd want to see that happen.

I was hoping it wouldn't bug me like most bracelets do, but it does. The loops fall down too low on my hand and that's what bugs me. I need littler loops maybe but Memory Wire is one size fits all.