Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Compliment on my hair today

A young blonde at the doctor's office, the doctor's assistant, was walking behind me this morning and told me I had pretty hair.

Last night I twisted two buns and pinned them atop my head to get some curl. I took the buns out at 9:00am and as I cannot control myself, I continued to comb and oil the curls till they were almost dead. I can't keep my hands off of waves and curls. Don't know why I don't just take them out and leave them alone. I rather liked the doctor so I tried to look semi-nice for my appointment. As it turned out, he wasn't working today. Oh well! He's married and has four children and last week we talked about traveling in Canada. I like nice doctors. He graduated top 5% of his class. Which reminds me. What do you call the guy who graduates last in his class in medical school? Answer: Doctor. Heh. Graduate first, graduate last, you're still a doctor. That's why you have to find recommendations and shop around for the best.

The doctor's assistant removed my two stitches and I barely have a scar. It'll fade fast. I was surprised she even remembered me but when she complimented my hair she also asked me if I'd worn it in a bun last time. Of course, I did.

Things that make you go, "Hmmmm." I was wondering recently if I am wearing buns too often. When I was twisting my hair into a cinnamon bun the other day our son whined, "You're not wearing your hair up again, are you?" Whuh?

And talk about annoyed. Son measured me at 34.5" a week ago and I asked him to measure yesterday, just for the ducks of it since I'd washed my hair, and he said it measured 34". Whuh? Is my hair shrinking? I'm throwing that stinkin' measuring tape out pretty soon. I didn't tell him he told me 34.5 last week because I don't want to influence his measuring. I don't think he noticed the great wailing and gnashing of teeth because I did it real quiet (on the inside). Either my hair is only 34" or it's 34.5. But on June 1 he said it was 34 and 1/4. Whatever. My hair's where it is and it is what it is.

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