Sunday, July 02, 2006

A mosquito bit my face

Aw man. We were watching fireworks last night and a mosquito bit me under my right eye. I never felt a thing until I noticed my eye felt like something was in it.

Today my eye is swollen all underneath and I look funny. I hate looking funny! I have one little eye.

I did my email and now my battery's almost dead. I'm using the campground Wifi in the office because there are


[blink blink]

trees all over this place. Our satellite can't work with trees in the way! Why I oughta.

So I've been reading. I finished a book about the JonBenet case (read it in two days!) and now I'm reading Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.

I've been using my Good Hair Days hairpins exclusively. I do need to redo in the afternoon but that's no biggie. I've found that they never pull any individual hairs out like my metal hairpins do. A hair lost here and there can add up so I suppose every little bit counts.

Been wearing a twisted figure 8. You know, you take a pony, separate it into two and then twist them round and round each other. I don't use any elastics, just twist and pin. It's kinda pretty I think.

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