Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Good news on the truck. Hopefully they will be done with it tomorrow and it wasn't a transmission problem. The big bang sound was, um, my husband's asleep so I can't explain it till he's awake, but it's a thing that's not going to put us in the poor house. God is watching us! Amen.

Since I turned 47 I've been setting aside time more formally for prayer. I do it after dinner. It's gone well. I started feeling like a problem prayer because praying before sleep in my bed I started going into overdrive. I was praying for everything I could think of and I couldn't stop. I was keepin' myself awake! I'd finish prayin', start to nod off and think of someone or something I forgot to pray about. Also, one of the books I'm reading explains that we should stop yakking so much and be sure to be quiet. Settle into it first. Don't just start yammering right off the bat. Let God examine you and your heart just like an x-ray that goes through you and sees everything. Or like sunshine and let it cleanse you and refresh you, burn up all that bacteria so to speak. I might need a torch for that though.

I finished reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Who said, "I shall fight no more, forever." Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. And where did Manifest Destiny come from? It came from our very own American government. It's a brutal read. And who said, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." General Sheridan said that. Those were not his original words. They changed as the saying became more popular, but it's close enough.

Here in Canada the Indians were not treated so well either. But I notice more museums and art by the Indians here. Well done stuff. I'm growing fond of Indian art and I never much cared for it before. Indians were true conservationists. In Canada, they're not called Canadian Indians or American Indians. They are called First Nation. And the people are called First People. They call themselves such because they have to argue with the French and the British about who got here first so to cover all bases they went with First Nation. Pretty good idea I must say.

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