Thursday, July 27, 2006


I have one hour and now 10 minutes are left. Whew! We're at an internet cafe, with prices exorbitant, that charges by the hour. Canada is beautiful. I am homesick though. The worst of it is, as you may have guessed by the lack of activity, our satellite evidently cannot connect to our assigned satellite from this far north. We are kaput with internet. We think it's due to curvature of the Earth? It's been awful. Kara, and Michele, and Elvea, I will write soon! I want to write now but I must, must, do a bit of research for homescholing.

We're in the great province of Manitoba. We came in at Alberta and drove clean across the grassy prairie land of Saskatchewan. We must have passed millions of acres of canola. And 54% of all of Canada's wheat comes from southern Saskatchewan. Riding Mountain National Park has been wonderful. We'll be heading for home in the next two weeks.

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busyHSmom said...

Relieved to know that you are okay!!!