Thursday, July 13, 2006

A good day, a bad day

The day went badly. Homeschooling was horrid.

I love my husband who makes all things possible and he makes the best decisions for our family! I can't make decisions for doodly. I did when I was single and I had to, but it doesn't come naturally for many women, now does it. I mean the big decisions, not regular day-to-day decisions.

It sprinkled today and I washed my hair. Actually I could have gone without washing my hair. It was doing fine even after two weeks and a scalp wash in between. Sometimes it seems it doesn't get so oily for the longest time. Other times it's oily and I can't stand it. It's been hot so I went to the camp showers to cool down and clean up and figured I may as well wash my hair there. I'm nearly out of my Body Shop shampoo and creme rinse. Yikes. Somehow I don't think I'm going to find any here in the province in Saskatchewan.

I bought a sweatshirt. It's darkest forest green and has a small embroidery that says "Saskatchewan - Easy to draw, hard to spell." Cute. Last time I found a sweatshirt this color was 1989. The hue of the fabric is a shade that brings out the green in my hazel eyes. Had to buy it.

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