Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Canadian Ding Dongs

Canadian Ding Dongs Posted by Picasa

There's got to be a story here. Both products are by Hostess but they have different names and the cakes are slightly different. King Dons have a darker chocolate covering (which I like), less filling, are a little taller, and very soft cake. Delicious. I like both kinds but 'Ding Dongs' is a dumb name and now Canadians eat 'King Dons?' Who came up with that?

They look like undercover Ding Dongs to me. Who knew this existed?!


kim said...

will a link work?


BlueRose4247 said...

Hi, Lil!

That is hilarious! So, what do they call Twinkies? and HoHo's?

Hugs, ~Kara