Monday, July 10, 2006

Here we are in Canada

In the province of Saskatchewan Posted by Picasa

A grueling day. And this is the first time we've had our own internet connection since, yipes, June 28th. We've been going stir crazy. We feel so disconnected when we can't email or read the papers or listen to radio online.

We are by a lovely lake and we may be here awhile. Today our torque converter blew up - very loudly. We were driving north and suddenly the truck made a huge pop sound. It sounded like a blow-out but way, way louder. And the sound came from the front, not in the back where the trailer is.

Pulled over and husband couldn't find anything wrong. Strange for such a loud noise. No flat tires, no gauges showing trouble on the dashboard. We got back in, started up, and drove gingerly down the side of the road and lo and behold, truck wasn't shifting. He's taking it in to a Ford dealer tomorrow. Called two and they're booked solid and couldn't even do a diagnosis so he has to drive to a third one and hope they will look at the truck. The truck goes one speed, slow, so it'll be an hour drive tomorrow.

This repair promises to be expensive. If it's not the torque converter but the transmission instead, then it'll be worse. We just had a hefty, unexpected expense last week, $1200.00, for new front leveling jacks (and motor) to replace the busted one on the trailer. We can't take too many more hits like this. As it is, we've had to slow down and stay at places longer than we did last year because fuel prices are so high. One day of driving is $100.00 now.

But the good new is, we can fix it. The good news is, truckie got us to a campground that by the grace of God we passed right before our blow-up so we turned around, got one of the last sites available (electrical hook-up is all that was left), and we weren't stuck in the middle of the prairie grasslands needing a tow. The good news with the jacks is, when one busted the trailer didn't tip enough to fall over. It just tipped and wavered once. That'll put hair on your chest! Structural damage incurred to the trailer would end our travels instantly.

Mechanical trouble are one of the things I hate most in life. But I'm glad I'm married. My husband can fix any problem that ever comes up. Men are problem solvers. I know I don't need to be scared or worry too much. I'm not afraid when I'm with him.

Other topics: I had imagined us traveling forever into the wild blue yonder and this morning even before the truck trouble my husband said we'll need to settle and buy a house next year. Boo hoo. I'm sad about it! I can't picture myself in a house. I don't want a house.

I have to wait and see how it all works out. I know Jehovah works things out for the best. He has good things in store for us. But this is how I feel today.

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kim said...

I think it's really neat that you've been able to travel and live with so little -- I love the idea of that (although I'm not sure I'm cut out for the reality) -- but I'm married to a man with different dreams; the idea of traveling and all that, much less with 6 children in tow, does not appeal to him.

I know God had wonderful plans for you ... oooh, maybe he'll send you to other countries where houses are cheap and you can live in one place awhile and then move on to serve him in another, like itinerant missionaries?

I'm hoping maybe, someday, His plans for us include serving in another country.