Monday, September 28, 2009

She got her dress!

Baby Lily got her dress and it fits!  I feel?  I feel happy!  Our son sends us pics from his Blackberry.  That thing does everything.  I worried that the dress would be too big, but it looks like it fits her just right.  I thought the hat might be too big too, but it's not.  They said when they can get her all cuted up they'll send me more photos.  I can't wait!  I hope she liked unwrapping her gifts.  I used purple tissue paper which is fun when you're one because it crumples easily and makes noise, and I used only one small piece of tape so each item was easy for little hands to open.  I think Lily's parents liked the gifts too.  I think they got Lily all happy about it, bless their hearts.

The bunnies are gone.  History.  My husband said he should have made bunny rabbit chili out of them.  Very funny.  Actually, the rancher whose home we returned the buns to says that rabbit is very good on a plate but he can't bear to kill them himself.  I'm glad I don't have to look forward to getting any more scratches on my arms.  Sometimes I could hold them just right and sometimes not, and they would kick.  I will miss them a little bit.  I liked seeing them outside.  But I didn't like all the clean-up and moving around.  You really need a bunny hutch I think.  We put them at night in the storage compartment of our trailer so the coyotes wouldn't get them.  But I could hear them moving around early in the morning (at 6:15am) and I felt guilty for not wanting to get up right away and clean their night time bed and put them in the bigger daytime cages.  It would take me 45 minutes to do it all what with fresh food and water, cleaning bowls, cleaning inside of two cages, hosing off the table to put the big cages on, not to mention actually picking up the bunnies and moving each.  This morning was very windy and would have been uncomfortable for them to be out in it so I told my husband we need to return the rabbits.  It's just isn't working very well and son is not warming up at all to picking them up.  He sees us get scratched and he's like, no way!  He hasn't said so, but I can tell.  Leah was very kind about taking them back.  She didn't mind at all.  She said maybe next year he could start with a baby and a kind that won't get so big.  He's going to ask also if he could do only one bunny instead of two.  We'll see.  I think a hutch would be needed.  Maybe we'll be in a house by then.

My body is still tireded out from the triathlon.  Gosh, I'm such a wimp.  There were nearly 700 entrants.


Avrilon said...

The outfit looks so pretty on Lily! You did a great job - and she is sooo pretty.

I've never had rabbits, but I imagine if they are domesticated they would be much more fun, right? I know people who have them for pets in the house and love 'em. And, speaking of scratches, I have a couple of light ones on my forearm today because of playing with crazy Zena, our kitten. She doesn't mean to scratch; my arm just gets in the way sometimes... lol...

Jules said...

Lily looks so cute (must take after her grandma). It's great seeing our granddaughters in something that we've made. I hope you stuck a tag that said "Made with love by my grandma" on the inside (no, I never do either). Blessings, Jules

SchnauzerMom said...

Lily is a doll! You did a great job on her outfit. Animals do require a lot of care. They are a big investment.

Liliana said...

Avrilon! Hiii!

Yes, if they're handled regularly then they get used to it. We could see quite a bit of personality in the male and he had been handled more than the female. The female hadn't been handled at all. My scratches aren't light! So you have a new kitten? Ooooh how nice. If I had a kitten and a house I'd make some cat walking paths that go up to and around the ceiling. I think those are neat.

Jules, I totally thought of the "Made by Grama" tag *after* I left the sewing shop. Haha! Technically, I probably wouldn't have attached one though because I did put one on my son's blanket once and he said it scratches him. I was being very selective with the fabric to be sure I wouldn't get anything too rough or scratchy. If I make it again I want this very cute fabric that has cherries on it.

SchnauzerMom, boy howdy, you got that right. The animals are a lot of work. I talked with a mom today who has five children, all boys, and asked if any were in 4-H. She heaved a big sigh and said she's glad it's the one activity none of her boys have asked to be in. She said the moms do a lot of work! Yikes. And even though our son is 12, his daddy and I did the lion's share of the work simply because it had to be done right. I don't know how people here afford all these animals. A big chunk of their paychecks have got to go toward food and vet bills. I guess the ranchers make money too, but still. It's a lifestyle for sure. You cannot travel if you have a lot of animals.

Thanks for the sweet words about baby Lily. :)

Shelby said...

Lil, you did such a great job on that outfit for Lily! It fits her now, but just wait a week or two! So much for the cute dress..time to make another! LOL

The bunnies... my son is getting involved with 4-H and of course he's interested in the bunnies! I feel your pain, as I know if we say 'Yes' it will be me caring for the bunny.

Liliana said...

Ohhhhh I knoooow. I had to sew fast! My son said the same thing!

The opportunities 4-H offers seem very good. This is the first time we've tried any such thing. I showed him how to do it because I want it done right, but he didn't always do as told. Our son is a pre-teen and getting some teen 'tude and I wanted to wring his little neck sometimes. If I did it over, for one I'd have gotten some books to read together first and impressed him more about how the care must be done Mom's way or the highway. But also, a baby would be better to start with so you can have one that's more gentle. I wasn't scared, but I did have to work myself up a little for picking them up. I've heard some bunnies here have sold for up to $600 or $800. I guess they do it to invest in the kids. It's an auction. I don't understand it yet, but I'm going to the county fair this month to see it all for myself.

busyHSmom said...

What a cutie patootie! And, the outfit is adorable too!