Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bummer day

Leah was busy transporting horses so we didn't get our class today.  Truth is, son has a bit of a head cold and wasn't in tip-top shape for it energy wise anyways.

I pulled my baby blanket apart completely and am starting anew.  I wanted to take out only one row, but I couldn't get my needle through the row right, so I pulled out another.  I knitted one row and there, big as life, a giant boo-boo is in the middle of the row.  So I pulled it out and well, sigh, I ended up pulling out the whole thing.

Very.  Bad.  Not.  Happy.

Tomorrow is a new day though.  Son has an orthodontist appointment.  They'll tell us how they can fix his teef and how many grand it'll cost us.  Of course, we're looking forward to that.


SchnauzerMom said...

That's the hard thing about knitting when you make a mistake you have to rip out the whole thing. I hope the dentist bill isn't too high.

busyHSmom said...

Sometimes when I make a mistake, I "unknit." That is, I pull it out only one stitch at a time and insert the needle in each unraveled stitch as I go. It takes me a little longer to "unknit" a row as it takes to just rip it out...however, it eliminates the risk of dropping stitches along the way.

Another trick is to rip the work down to the mistake, but then insert a MUCH SMALLER needle to pick up your stitches. Unless you are an extremely loose knitter (I am not) it is hard to insert a needle into an entire row of stitches because of the tension...when you put the needle in the first stitch, it pulls on the second stitch not yet on the needle, etc. Anyway, by using a much smaller needle than the size you are knitting with, you can pick up the stitches without pulling on them at all.

Also, I most HIGHLY recommend the website There are videos there for almost everything! I just went and explored the site again so that I could tell you about it and guess what I found--in the section titled "Knitting Tips" there are a series of tips called "Fixing Mistakes." One of those shows you how to insert a needle into the destination row BEFORE unraveling. Well, now I am off to go learn something new!

Liliana said...

Yes, I believe I dropped a stitch after I pulled out a row, and I wondered why is it so tight as I try to get my needle through again.

I love the site. It's helped me a lot. I didn't know about the fixing mistakes tips though. I will definitely be going there to find them and read. BusyHSmom, thank you so much for the assist. I have not worked on my knitting for several days because of my frustration.