Saturday, September 05, 2009

Car show

There was a car show here today. Nice music. Lotta people. I got a sun headache though. I've gone from sunworshiper in my youth to lady with a sunshine headache in my twilight years.  It was about 90 degrees.  The orange car was like a ZZ Top car!  The Ford, I like the reflection of the tower and then a duplicate teeny reflection of the tower in the center of the wheel.

I like shine. Shiny, shiny, shiny.

People enjoying the day.

And this, ta-da, would be a self-portrait. Hi! I'm wearing long sleeves so I don't get a tan!
Tomorrow is a driving day, all day.


Leia said...

Long sleeves so you don't get a tan! Oh my goodness. I'm already brown skinned, but definitely a sun worshipper. Luckily I get tanned very easily - even an hour in the sun and I'm I a deeper golden brown! I love it :)

SchnauzerMom said...

I try to avoid tans too. Great photos! I get headaches in the sun too. Wearing a hat usually helps me.

Jules said...

I saw your title and wondered what you were doing writing about a car show on your blog. I guess I can just think of a dozen other ways I'd like to spend a gorgeous summer's day. But I love your photos. I can't avoid tans. They just happen. But I don't go as dark as I did as a child. And I was never a sunworshipper but I get the sun headaches now too. Sigh.

Liliana said...

Leia, I'm looking deep into your eyes, and telling you I LOVE THE SUN, but I can't be in it anymore. Plus, I shouldn't. What beach do you go to? Also, I hate tank top tans. If I can't have a bikini tan then I really don't want one. And at this point, we don't want to see Liliana in a bikini at the public pool.

SchnauzerMom, I'm so glad I'm not alone. My husband is 20 years older than I, but tough and he's just started getting headaches from the sun. I went out first with no hat for about 30 minutes. Felt fine but decided to go out again and wore a hat. I got too hot all over the second time.

Jules, yeah I don't rush out to car shows usually but it was right at our campground and good practice for me shoot cars. My dad and uncle are seriously into car shows. Uncle has a 1932 Ford and Corvettes, and my dad has Corvettes and a 1956 Buick he's been restoring. My headache made me miss the very best part - everyone peeling out and burning rubber after the show.

Daisy said...

Nice and shiny cars! I like the picture with the reflection of you .. it's neat!

Liliana said...

Thanks Daisy. I like 'sperimenting with the camera. When I saw the reflection of Devils Tower my mind said "OH!" Well, not really the word 'oh' but you know when you take a little breath inwards real fast. I went back later to try more with the Ford wheel, but it had gone for the day early.