Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love notes

Yesterday husband and son went to watch football and I had the place to myself which was nice.  It was beautiful outside but a little chilly inside.  My husband runs hot.  He's got the air conditioner on so much in the summertime that I have to go outside to warm up.

After they left I was sitting at my computer getting cold toes. And then a light bulb went off in my head!  I'm by myself.  I can turn the A/C off!  So I did and I was comfy all evening.  You know, like a normal person would be.

And I decided to send my husband an email.  I titled it "Rawr!" and I wrote:

I rule the ROOST and I just turned off the A/C.  How d' ya like THAT! Because he's always accusing me of turning off the A/C when actually the thermostat has turned it off, not me.

And I included a cute ducky animated gif in it.

The next morning he emailed me back.  He said:

And I am madly in love with you!!  

I have no idea how he puts two and two together like that, but I thought it was nice.  He made me smile.  He's a hopeless romantic.

The day was nice.  I turned over one of my leaves.  I'm sewing a baby dress for my granddaughter!  Indeed, I'm not easily discouraged.  My purple skirt didn't turn out, but that's okay.  I'll try this baby summer dress.  It's the littlest thing.  The bodice is doll sized.  This time I'm waiting till it turns out before I post pictures.  Tonight I cut out all the pieces.  But wait.  I ordered her little shoezies to go with it.  

Are they darling or what.  They just make me sigh out loud.  They're handmade in New Zealand and they're especially good for baby feet because they don't enclose the toes too tightly like regular shoes.  I think they're like wearing moccasins if you're a grown-up. 
I got her a Ruby Rabbit bath towel too. I couldn't find a photo of only the rabbit one. Technically, I like the frog towel best, but being how she's a girl I went for the safe bet. Purple.

Did I say it's my grandbaby's birthday. Yes. Also, I'm late on the present. I'm a flaky grama I guess, but I wanted to package it up myself so I had to wait till we got out of Wyoming. When I have it all ready I'm wrapping them separately and putting it all in one box. Our son said he won't tell Lily I'm sending something so she'll surprised. She's one year old. Haha. She doesn't even know it's her birthday. Not yet anyways.

The topmost photo is yesterday's rainbow. I liked how the sun was falling on the butte. You'll see the dumpsters by the road and the outhouses near the shore. I'll say I 'captured' them like the photographers say on PhotoSig. Haha!


Leia said...

WHAT a sweet love note!!!

My mum and I have the same problem with my dad. In Bangladesh it's hot all year round, and there are so many air conditioners on everywhere, it's ridiculous. Mum and I walk around switching them off, and my dad gets so mad; narrows his eyes and says, "SOMEONE'S been turning the a/cs off AGAIN!" Most of the time we just put on socks and shawls and deal with it. Ha!

Jen said...

Oh my word, that picture is absolutely amazing! Lil, that looks like something that would be in some travel magazine. I am in awe!
Your hubby is so sweet :). He sure knew how to make your day! You and your hubby sound like Jeff and I. He is always hot, and I am always cold. I know what you mean about going outside to warm up!! Those little booties and bath towels are soooo cute. I hope your dress turns out really well :).

SchnauzerMom said...

You live there? That picture is gorgeous! My husband is usually cold and I'm hot. The baby things are so cute!

Debbie said...

That picture is amazing! You could sell that!

Liliana said...

Hi ladies. And thank you. And SchnauzerMom, yep, we live here. My desire is to one day own a very tiny house with a very giant window with a view of *that* very butte.

Daisy said...

Hi Lil! Good luck on the dress! That picture really is gorgeous and wow, what a place to live!