Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day

My little sister had some vertigo. She threw up too. A virus, says the doctor. I think so too. But our dad has tinnitis and our mom has Meniere's so my sis is slightly freaked out. I think she'll be okay. I hope so.

We both have Skype and when she gets online a little bubble pops up in my status bar and tells me she's online. She works so she's supposed to be at work all day. I noticed she was online today. When we were making up the bed this morning I told my husband about it and I complained that she took a day off work and didn't even let me know. He agreed with me, I thought, till he said, "Yeah, who is your sister to take a day off and not keep you informed?" I declare. People. Well, I have to cut her some slack because she couldn't even get out of bed. Her husband had to make a doctor appointment for her. My sister never, never stays in bed. She's my polar opposite.

Speaking of which, our trailie is kind of clean. The men dusted everywhere. They dusted the fan blades, the walls, the ceiling, the cupboards. They dusted so much I got a headache from watching work being done. I went to bed and stayed there a couple hours till the ruckus quieted down.

I've turned one of my leaves over. I went for a walk-jog on my old route yesterday! That gave me a headache too. My thighs are a little sore today and that's a good thing. Two months of brownies have got me a little hefty, but only on my tummy really. I can work it off fairly easily. Gotta git sleek.

Had a big rainbow today. We just finished dinner and we saw it. I jumped in the truck and drove down the road to find a place to shoot it. It didn't fully arc. It just went upwards and disappeared, but it was very wide. Often rainbows aren't nearly as pretty in photos as they are to your real eyes.

The Hubble Space Telescope images of the butterfly and the soap bubble - they are magnificent. Tonight I will picture in my mind: wide rainbows, little white lambs curled for sleep on a wooden step, and galaxy sized Hubble butterflies suspended in the heavens by God. I will fall asleep. Infinity. And I will dream.

I will wake and start a new day!


Jen said...

I hope your sister feels better. I know how fun that isn't. So no picture of the rainbow??

SchnauzerMom said...

Hope your sis gets better soon! I love those photos from the telescopes!

Liliana said...

Hi Jen and SchnauzerMom. Thanks for the well wishes. My sis is better. I forgot about that. You *would* remember, huh Jen.

Looks like I've got a rainbow pic ready for the next post. . .

awrml said...

i like ur posts