Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's the first day of fall

It's fall, or autumn as my husband says, and it's ten degrees cooler than yesterday.  I read Wyoming and Montana have skipped fall entirely and gone straight to winter.  Bummer!

My baby blanket looks very ugly somewhat unattractive so far, but I'm not discouraged because my stitches are getting better.

I woke only an hour and a half after I went to bed.  It's was 1:30am.  It's the kind of wake up where my eyes pop open but it's dark so I cannot see.  I also took one short breath inwards like a very small half gasp.  My heart wasn't skipping at all though.  Well, immediately I was trying to pray but my mind was a jumble because I was asleep.  I didn't know who to pray for so I prayed for who I thought of and then I fell asleep again and slept heavily till late morning.


Daisy said...

I awoke 4:30 this morning.:( I think it's because I went to bed early last night. Then of course if I don't move around to find a comfy spot, my muscles start to ache. But then if I move around too much I awaken my dh. Sigh! I'm glad you were able to go back to sleep.

Liliana said...

Hi Daisy. I tell ya, there was something in the air last night.

I put my icey, cold feet on my husband when I go to bed. I'm really lucky he doesn't holler at me! He's just so nice and warm. High metabolism.