Sunday, September 13, 2009

Five (5)

I received five compliments on my hair in church this morning. Five! One from a man and four from women. That's the most ever, anywhere, anytime. The man said it reminds him of Crystal Gayle's hair. Crystal's is jet black and down to the floor while mine is silver with two other colors and to the top of my thighs, but anyhoo. We don't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

For a change I got up early, showered and washed my hair before church and blow dried it and wore it down. I wore my new blue India top and an ankle length denim skirt. I wore my same old flip flops, but my toes are purple with glitter. No earrings for although I love long earrings I don't wear any jewelry or make-up on Sunday mornings.

I say for a change because usually I go to church looking like a homeless person. Well, not that bad, but maybe a little unkempt. Well, not unkempt, but not neat. I sniff my shirts and pick the cleanest one on Sunday morn and figure if my husband washed my jeans last week, I'm good. And I look sleepy because I always roll out of bed at the last possible moment and that's not my best look. I lost my sunglasses at the car show and now I have to enter church without cover for my naturally bloodshot morning time eyes. I'm deeply disturbed about that. When I was 20 I looked fine first thing in the morning. But now that I'm 50? Ah well. That's life in the old lane.

It was great to be back at our home church. Awesome.

For evening I wore my hair in a smooth French roll. Got no compliments. I like it up. Seems everyone else likes it down. Hhhmph.


Leia said...

How lovely to get all those compliments! I wanted to ask, though, how come you don't wear make up or jewelry to church? Is because you don't want an outward show of vanity? Or am I wrong about that, because blow drying your hair etc. serves a similar purpose? (Lil, you know me and you know I'm not trying to be rude - just asking a genuine question!) And the reason I'm so interested is because - although I've had no personal experience with this - I always had the impression that people wore their "Sunday best" to church and got really dressed up and made up, etc. I know that at my local place of worship, people get quite dressed up to go, because apparently religious institutions are places to pray as WELL as meet up with the community ...!

Liliana said...

Leia, Leia, Leia. Do you have to ask me such a big question? lol.

I know some churches require no jewelry or make-up. I simply choose to go plainly. I'm convicted by the Holy Spirit. You know, God speaks to my heart? My church doesn't care what we wear. Some folks there dress up with suits and ties and pretty dresses. My dad's wife always dresses very fine for her church in CA. I've always worn jeans, but just started with the skirts. Here in New Mexico, the community I'm in is, I'd say, eclectic. It's known for its artists and poverty and beautiful desert landscape. Odd combination really and reflected in the church since the church reflects the community. "Sunday Best" as you say, is traditional. Back in the day when I was a child nobody would ever think to wear shorts or casual clothing to church. Nowadays you can. My dad's wife dresses very up and when we go to her church we sit side by side and well, it's not an issue really. Just personality preferences I suppose. When we get ready to go to worship we are preparing the ground to receive the Word of God. Some people feel best to receive the Word in their Sunday best in their best outward appearance. Some people less concerned with outward appearances dress in relaxed clothing. Both are okay I think. Here occasionally we have homeless come and I see they may feel different, like an orange with a bunch of apples. You can see them looking around. I am unpretentious and that can be comforting to new people. I know there are some people who look down a little on those who don't dress up. This does not concern me. Even with no make-up and jewelry on Sunday mornings, people may see it as less vain, but God knows I'm absolutely, categorically, pitifully, vain. Your question is an honest one, I know that! It's an interesting one to think about too.

Daisy said...

Woohoo! You go Lil! Your hair is really gorgeous, I can see how you got all those compliments.
I've been blow drying my hair with a diffuser ... and loving the results.

SchnauzerMom said...

There's no dress code at my church, people wear pretty much what they want. The pastor does frown on shorts in church but some people wear them anyway. Sometimes I'll wear a skirt and sometimes jeans, depends on how I feel.

Jen said...

Ooh fun! 5 compliments! How cool is that :)?! I can understand why people would compliment. Your hair is so beautiful!!!

Jules said...

I dress up for church for two reasons: 1. Because my Dad always said that if we were going out someone special we'd dress up so why not dress up for God and give Him our (rather pitiful) 'best'; and 2. God has made me a woman and I love to dress up in pretty skirts and clothes and look my 'best' at least one day a week (you should see how I look the other days especially when covered in paint and snot and other yucky things!). However, I've heard others argue that by dressing up we're not being inclusive of all of God's people, and that we're putting more value on the outward appearance. That's something I need to think about some more.

Anyway, I'm glad you got 5 compliments. I think that even beats my 4 of a few weeks ago. You certainly deserve them and if I'd been there and seen your hair down I would've complimented you too.