Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where's the Press?

I watched a clip of Obama last night and the press were just sitting quietly in their chairs. No yelling out questions, no raising hands. No excitement! They looked like zombies. What's happened to the fourth estate of democracy? (I just learned about that in sixth grade history!) And it's peculiar that a president is commenting on daily news - referring to the incident with the Harvard professor and the police. The professor and the police are both at fault. I think they both could have behaved better. The policeman could have diffused the situation better and the professor should have identified himself as the owner from the git-go and thanked the officer for checking on his house.

At least the moderate Dems are slowing the process down with health care reform. I hope it'll die. It doesn't matter what Republicans think since they have no power anyway. We Republicans are a non-issue! Aaaaugh. I need, I need. . . .

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