Thursday, July 09, 2009

My first lightning

There was lightning all around us tonight. It's part of what I love about New Mexico and about monsoon season. I think it's my favorite time of year.

I've wanted to photograph lightning for the longest time. I was overwhelmed with finding the settings though and when an awesome storm was nearby I was scared to go out. Plus, who wants to get their camera wet! Guess I had a little confidence going since I captured some fireworks.

My first lightning picture. I caught lightning striking in the town. It started to rain so I had to come inside. This new venture promises to be an exciting endeavor but bein' chicken hearted I'm only willing to get out there ifns the bolts are plenty far away. Not bad for a first try. Actually, a second try. I tried a couple years ago in Moab, Utah, and flopped.

And I've been well for three days in a row. I had no being uncomfortable or tender tummied at all today! I read that buttermilk is good to soothe the colon so my husband bought me some and I drank a glass. I gave it a taste then I had to drink it fast because it tastes horrible. It's like drinking sour cream. Yuk. But I haven't felt this well since June 5th so I will drink some every day if it'll keep me feeling good.

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